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Long Island hard rock quartet Tragic Orange have a ready for mass consumption sound masterfully displayed on the 13-track CHRYSALIS. Combining modern hard rock's dramatics and melodic metal's malaise, songs like "Formula" skillfully wisks through ebbs and flows without losing an ounce of intensity, a staple device utilized with tremendous success throughout. Grinding riffs like "Gutter Song" collide with the Snot-esque funk of "Get Off", creating a wide spectrum of sounds that shake down the walls, while the top notch rhythm section holds it all down with a fierce undercurrent propelling every snare hit and bass fill all over but most notably on "Climbing Chaos" and the aggressive yet atmospheric "Pure and Simple". Throw in a singer whose versatile range and sanguine shifting vocal attack goes from blow for blow to beyond and Tragic Orange becomes required listening to anyone that considers themselves a fan of hard rock past 1995.
- Mike SOS