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Leave it to NYC noise rock pioneers Unsane to unleash yet another snarling beast of an album. VISQUEEN is a pummeling 11-track steamroller whose compact bursts of aggression and convincing post-hardcore grit unrepetingly beats the hell out of your speakers. Calculated and sinewy from the opening strains of newly-crowned noise rock anthem "Against the Grain", these guys have only gotten more seethingly angry as the years pass, as songs like "No One" and "Only Pain" serve up primal sermons of selfloathing whose jarring delivery and jagged lyrics thrust forth with the damn near unstoppability of a derailed freight train. Echoing the virtues of sad blues with a metallic might that keeps an eye on self-taken Polaroids of the East Village circa 1991 and an ear on the nihilism of NYC's underbelly, Unsane's latest release is a weighty affair that cast an ominous shadow on today's metal realm.
- Mike SOS