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One part post-hardcore, one part spazzy punk rock, and one part fist pumping sing-along stylists best describes the latest release from East Coast outfit Hot Cross. Juxtaposing the intensity of bands like Quicksand and Saosin with the exuberant chops of acts like Comeback Kid, RISK REVIVAL contains 13 tunes that teeter between elegant emotionally-tinged rock and visceral gutpunches bubbling up from the underground. Thrusting meaty riffs and a general sense of controlled panic on "Scrape Wisdom" and "Turncoat Revolution" while simultaneously embodying the spirit of Fugazi and Black Flag on "Cardiac Silence", the fragmented ferocity of this Philadelphia quartet shines bright and burns slow throughout the disc, giving the listener ample time to bask in the shimmering chaos of cuts like "Kill the Name" that make RISK REVIVAL a solid offering.
- Mike SOS