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The Haunted's latest release is risky yet rewarding offering. While the quintet's latest manages to maintain the Swedish outfit's signature thrash sound to various levels with mixed results throughout the disc, there's a bevy of simpler, more compact, and daresay commercially-safe songs here that are excellent, but not at all evoking The Haunted of old. Many longtime followers have turned tail on the band who've seemingly pulled a Metallica, but THE DEAD EYE, while slick, withdrawn and overly-theatrical, still has its merits. Peter Dolving's unique vocals, love them or not, provide a fittingly vivid narrative to the band's melodic metal meanderings and steer the ship with schizophrenic rampage, and while the band never thrusts into full gear here, there's enough spine-tingling twin guitar hard rock moments found on "The Failure" and "The Drowning" and the killer riff and rhythmic combo of "The Medication" to quell doubt that The Haunted ever lost anything at all. While this is a far cry from what you may know of The Haunted, their change of direction, infusing of different styles, and other experimentations with the genre found on THE DEAD EYE are intriguing enough for open minded fans and kids listening to Avenged Sevenfold alike to turn their heads and check out.
- Mike SOS