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Fu Manchu's latest album marks the veteran stoner rock crew revisiting of their skater punk and hardcore roots as they churn out 11 fuzzy freakouts on the exhilarating WE MUST OBEY. Feel the slow burn of "Land of Giants" creep through your cranium while Scott Hill and company's trademarked soulful hard rock meets snarling punk rock blend permeates out of cuts like "Shake it Loose" and to the quick and quirky bong beat of "Between the Lines". And in true Fu fashion, another deep classic rock gem ("Moving in Stereo" by The Cars) gets the outfit's formidable four-star Orange County rock n' roll makeover. Fu Manchu's hazy hardcore is amped to 11 on WE MUST OBEY, as this take it back to garage approach displays a curt, compact collection of songs by a group who sound like they're having the best time of their lives.
- Mike SOS