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XYZ? The 80's LA metal band? Yeah, that's the one. Well, besides the fact that only one founding member remains, not much has changed musically within the band since the group's last release in the early 1990's. This release contains 15 tracks of melodic hard rock with biting guitars, arena rock hooks, and tons of keyboards underneath the music to accentuate the hard rock atmosphere. It's the formula that garnished the outfit praise and notoriety nearly a decade ago, yet will it fly in the year 2003? Figuring that it's worth a shot, XYZ goes for it, and even goes as far as to make two of the band's "hits" ("Inside Out", "What Keeps Me Loving You") more radio friendly by re-recording them to suit adult oriented radio, as well as reprising the song "Tango" here in Spanish at the end of the disc. Talk about covering all bases! Marketing ploys aside, if people still flock to the annual Poison summer tour and get excited over special hair metal radio programs, then XYZ may be able to salvage something here after all.
- Mike SOS