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Queens, NY quintet Malstrom continue to add weaponry to its vast arsenal of metal devices, crafting their latest near 60 minute seven-track affair with a discernibly fluid metal stance that flows from Mastodon-like crush to Opeth-esque gallop to Lamb of God's groove on tracks like "My Mortal Fetish". Mixing vast metallic styles to come up with their hybrid sound of progressive metal's penchant for soundscape exploration, European metal's majesty, and American metal's dissonance, cuts like "The War Will Be Lost" display a band whose dextrous knowledge of the metal realm allows their brand of epic songwriting to flow with authority and splendor, while "The Beast" throws the devil horns out in full black metal mode with its sinister fretwork and painstaking rhythmic precision. THE WORLD WILL BE LOST is an album rich in genre-shifting dynamics and intricate songwriting that truly embodies the spirit of today's modern metalhead.
- Mike SOS