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My Bitter End play the type of technical metal you need a industrial-sized slide rule to figure out on the 11-track THE RENOVATION. Truly developing a potpourri of sounds that range from death metal vocal gutpunches and squeals, intricate technical metal compositions, Killswitch melodic guitar swagger, screamo metal fretboard antics, and spastic turned deadly breakdowns, you may need a scorecard to follow it all. Nailing a certified power metal gallop on "To All Things Expendable" before the clouds close in and this upstate NY unit's version of metalcore melancholy takes over, this quintet displays its music geek locked in his room for eight hours with his instrument side with enough tough guy ammo and hardcore demolition skills on tracks like the power groove gone math of "The Suburbs Breed Showmen" to pull it all off. Think All That Remains going toe to toe with Misery Signals with Dillinger Escape Plan as special guest referee to sort it all out.
- Mike SOS