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Wehrwolfe take its aggressive brand of metal back to the days of Bolt Thrower, Dark Angel, and other early '90s death and thrash metal on the outfit's 11-track GODLESS WE STAND. With an epic quality that surpasses many of the other bands in the scene, this group comprised of three-fourths of Darkmoon successfully channels the spirit of classic metal a la Maiden and Priest. Yet, Wehrwolfe gets extreme and adds in a plethora of devices from the metal underground like blast beat drums and riffs that sound as if they were composed in Hell to round out its diabolical assault on your ears. With songs about war and the world's demise sprinkled with samples of battlefield sounds laden with gunfire and agony, Wehrwolfe's latest disc paints a brutal yet accurate depiction of the horrors of humanity, backed up with some of the most engaging metal heard in a long time.
- Mike SOS