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Scathingly heavy and relentlessly abrasive, NYC's Jesus Knevil brought all their Suffocation and Immolation records to the strip club and return with this four-track endeavor reeking of liquor, smoke, and rock. Reminiscent of the time in the NYC heavy music scene when anything goes was the flavor of the month (Leeway, Blitzspeer, Crumbsuckers), this quintet manage to meld stoner rock, Slayer, NYHC crossover, and punk rock's anarchistic nihilism into metallic nuggets suitable for the moshpit or the stripper pole on The Damned by way of Motorhead-inspired "Dead People" and the Bad Brains meets Discharge stomp of "Cynical". Hard, catchy, and raw, this group throws down some solid slabs of crusty metallic rawk ready to rumble at moment's notice.
- Mike SOS