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The mooose is looose! Best run for cover good people of the world, St. Louis quartet Vampire Mooose has returned with a vengeance on the 11-track SERENADE THE SAMURAI. From the chameleon-esque chaos brought forth by "Portauri", the stop-start death metal vine of "Pujols" to the dreary disjointedness of "Esteban was Eaten", this outfit pushes convention aside and gets as organic as a band of this genre of metal can without compromising its integrity. Propelled by a ferocious drummer whose tom beats alone induce trances, these guys use their crossover appeal and vast array of musical depth to seemingly lead their peers in the pulling new tricks out of the bag department. By getting down and dirty in the most unsuspecting ways, such as bringing out the funk on cuts like the title track and unleashing a tribal percussive assault on "Sumatru", Vampire Mooose not only indulges their own guilty pleasures, but also let the listener in on the fun, too, making creative extreme metal along the way.
- Mike SOS