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What's hardest to tell about the 13-track UBER is if the trio behind it all known as Sturmgeist is taking a serious approach, but one thing remains clear throughout the galloping riffage of "Iron Hammer"; these guys, tongue in cheek or not, can lay down some serious multi-faceted metal. Taking the prevalent primitive metal attitude of bands like Celtic Frost, Venom and Manowar into the 21st Century by meshing electronic backbeats and orchestrations a la Rammstein or Ministry at its most provocative into the mix, cuts like "Enigma" unfurl a dollop of gloom while the vicious "Dobermann" serrates the skull with a black metal urgency. Even the Falco classic "Rock Me Amadeus" is given the programmed death 'n roll treatment, issuing a pleasantly disturbing guilty pleasure cover song. Versatile and industrial strength metal is served up courtesy of Sturmgeist, a unit as comfortable with an 808 as they are a twin guitar attack.
- Mike SOS