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The fine folks at Sleazegrinder Records know what ingredients are needed to make a kick-ass rock comp, and they aren't bashful about putting it out there on the 26-track COCK 'N' ROLL collection. For starters, you need bands that will shake the foundation, and there's no shortage of that here, as bands from across the US loudly proclaim their immense love for real, unsanitized rock. Standouts include the NY stomp of Bona Roba, the high-octane Hellside Stranglers (whose song "Motherfuckers Don't Cry" wins the Best Song Title Award here hands down), and the Chuck Berry on steroids flare of Big Block Hitchcock. Add in a slew of sluts emblazoned in the album's artwork, and a plethora of references to sex, drugs, Satan, and more sex, and you've got a surefire party starting CD in the form of COCK 'N' ROLL. Bail bond sold separately.
- Mike SOS