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2007 finds Hella still floating in outer space, only in an expanded form from a two-man unit to a full-on five-piece on THERE'S NO 666 IN OUTER SPACE, the Sacramento, CA band's latest 11-track endeavor. And while the band's maniacal percussion, disregard for mainstream music, penchant for technical disarray, and unique blend of controlled musical chaos and galactic scope remains for the most part intact, there's a discernible Primus meets The Mars Volta vibe permeating out of cuts like the title tracks and "Let Your Heavies Out" which permits shades of melody and groove to seep from the band's veritable wall of noise rock. Through adding these healthy doses of order to the now quartet's abnormally unbridled presentation, the end result shapes itself into a luxuriously liquefied listening experience that drum freaks, alt rock kids searching for deeper meaning, and spastic rock lovers everywhere will surely get off about. Challenging the norms while blasting off into orbit, Hella's fourth installment finds the band touching down to Earth, but only to recharge and refuel before continuing its interplanetary quest.
- Mike SOS