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Catchy choruses, melodic singing, and heavy riffs aplenty are all employed in assembly line style on the latest effort by Buffalo, NY's It Dies Today. The quintet's 11-track presentation rubs off like another Hot Topic metal act more concerned with their hair dye than the originality of their riffs, yet there's an underlying intelligence found on cuts like "Sacred Heart" and "The Bacchanal Affair" propelling SIRENS past their peers' tour buses (Bullet for My Valentine, Atreyu) and into another musical scope (Demon Hunter, Mudvayne) that relies more on musical advancement than Soundscan numbers. Alas, their singer, one of the band's strongest assets, has just exited the group, and now they're on tour with Papa Roach, so you decide if you want to go to the mall and pick this one up.
- Mike SOS