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On the a 14-track offering SIP O' TEA FOR THE DEVIL, NYC's rock rabble rousers Skelter turn it up, let it hang out, and crank another batch of tunes factory ready for singalongs in the shower or in the tavern. Taking it even further this time around thanks to the album's "Trenterludes" (ramblings from the album's thankfully made up ignorant and incompetent pseudo host/ MC douchebag), this trio perfectly emulates the NYC Tuesday night rock club vibe to a tee. Their songs also experience an upgrade of sorts, as a discernible punkier edge is added through on "Indifference", building on the band's already Stones-esque swagger revealed on "The Idiot" and the outfit's love for Brit-pop fueling cuts like "Dawn Marie". Rounding out their edges, getting a bit more theatrical both in music and in presentation and writing solid songs that run the gauntlet from late '60s rock of "This is a Ghost Town", '80s college rock on "Hello Hello Hello" and the timeless bottom heavy bass meets guitar jangle on "Your Gray Hair", Skelter considerably raises the bar on SIP O' TEA FOR THE DEVIL, churning out some of the most razor sharp and savvy songs to come from the garage.
- Mike SOS