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A seasoned semi-Gothic tone comes courtesy of Kansas City, MO's The Roman Numerals. The spry musicians who comprise this outfit have played in acts such as Season to Risk and Shiner, and their whole formation hinged from a one-off Joy Division tribute band on Halloween, contributing to the band's dark-edged vibes emanating from cuts like "My Life After Death Part 1 and the bottom heavy "Deep Loft". Fusing their moody aura with a dance rock aesthetic akin to what's going down today in indie rock land, this disc's blend of dreamy reverb and driving rhythms on tracks like "Msr. Control" totally resurrects the best of Psychedelic Furs without getting any of that Panic at the Disco nasty aftertaste. With slices of Fugazi and Joy Division as garnish on the whimsically grave "Can We Trust Your Architect" and detailed understanding of '80s gloom sprinkled throughout, this eponymous affair can be shared by the hip kids and outcasts alike.
- Mike SOS