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Phathom is a quartet that you shouldn’t judge by the way they look, as this California act may look all Hot Topic, but they play with a maturity and conviction of bands years ahead of them. Formerly known as Section 8, the foursome’s latest offering with a new moniker finds the group constructing fine tuned and well-crafted alt rock songs that happen to discover a middle ground between Incubus, Trust Company, and their mentors Strung Out on cuts like “Succubi” and “Insidious”. Unafraid to bash out with instrumental might or throw a catchy melody into its repertoire, this 10-track endeavor is laden with the kind of songs that assist bands in blowing up big on rock radio and putting them on big name tours to garnish more exposure. While they may be a bit light for the ardent punk fan, those who enjoy a touch of elegance in their heavy rock sound will have no problem digging this self-titled release.
- Mike SOS