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Italian metal guitarist Aldo Giuntini’s outfit, simply titled Giuntini Project, boasts ex-Black Sabbath vocalist Tony “The Forgotten Sabbath Singer” Martin on the microphone, complementing this seasoned vet’s stunningly shredding fretwork. On the third release from this band, once again simply titled III, a progressive form of hard rock can be heard on the rousing “The Closest Thing to Heaven” and the very Dio-influenced rocker “Tarot Warrior”. Cut from the same cloth of Yngwie, Satriani, and other musically proficient yet somewhat sterile musical offerings, this sturdy progressive rock vehicle is laden with all of the grandiose excess and hard rock histrionics you can stand in one sitting. If you are a guitar freak with a ‘80s metal fetish, this one delivers tenfold.
- Mike SOS