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New Hampshire's most volatile export Scissorfight return with their fifth full-length album JAGGERNAUT, a hellaciously belligerent yet big brained and bigger balled beast of a record. These backwoods boogie merchants continue to crank out some of the most twisted hard rock this side of Clutch, as tracks like the banjo-accentuated stoner groover "Appalachian Chain", the contagious alt-metal jam "Victory Over Horseshit", and the militaristic march-like anthem of "Backwoods" shakes your speakers while tripping your brain out hardcore. Displaying a love for social change, the inner workings of the brain, and their rural upbringing through fuzzy '70s riffs, mammoth grooves, and the art of getting fucked up, this 12-track affair offers the perfect soundtrack to a bare-knuckle barroom brawl.
- Mike SOS