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The eponymous debut by Scottish alt-rockers Terra Diablo is a 12-track melodic rock tour-de-force that many will easily draw comparisons to established acts that have trumped rock radio for the last 10 years. Somewhere along the way however, this band managed to carve out its own distinct style joining hard rock tenacity and alternative rock tenderness. While connections to bands like Snow Patrol (who now boasts an ex-member of Terra Diablo in its ranks) and Foo Fighters are commonplace, the quartet’s brazenly smart compositions like “Satellites” and “My Heart is in My Hand” exhibit an act that work from a blueprint and expand on it with their own ideas rather than merely plagiarize. Creating bursts of sonic excellence such as the hook-laden “Can You Hear Them?” and the muscular pop-rock heard on “Control”, Terra Diablo is capable of resonating a sense of familiarity yet have no trouble standing firm on its own ground. Terra Diablo’s expansive repertoire and contorting style that lies between the spatial elegance of Radiohead and Muse and the gritty of acts like Open Hand, Feeder, and Filter is a pretty impressive debut album that begs for mass adulation.
- Mike SOS