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An experimental music fan's wet dream come true, two of the most prolific artists in ambient metal align for this collaborative effort. Sunn0))) and Boris are no strangers to those with a finger on the pulse of the underground individually, as they each have their own niches and nuances. The music they make together hits those targets, yet it isn't always what you'd expect, too. Take the melancholic piano number "The Sinking Belle" for starters. Easily the most accessible thing Sunn0))) has ever released, the ethereal vocals of guest Jesse Sykes lead the way for cautious yet hauntingly beautiful waves of sustain and softness. But don't stop reading yet, friends of the doom. There is noise rock here to be had, and plenty of it, with more guests to boot. Kim Thayill lends his hands on the album's closer, the suffocating and brooding "Blood Swamp", while Joe Preston puts his vocals through the vocoder on "Akuma No Kuma". Drone metal gone awry? You best believe it, as two of the pioneers of the movement combine wares, trade notes, and make an intriguing album in the process.
- Mike SOS