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Boldly proclaiming the woes of the music industry's while laying down supercharged yet genre-scattered pop-punk, the fourth full-length from Gatsbys American Dream may invoke comparisons to a lot of bands (Incubus, Panic at the Disco, The Starting Line), yet this act is head and shoulders above categorizations in so many ways. Fusing My Chemical Romance's dramatic flare with stark literary references and a bevy of musical influence simmering in the old cauldron, for starters, these guys play smarter than most bands could even muster. Progressively inclined yet infectiously melodic, tracks like "My Name is Ozymandas" and "Looks Like the Real Thing" are led by clever instrumentation and passionate vocals, while tracks like "You All Everybody" and "Me and Ed Loyce" reveal this sextet at its most groovy yet rhythmically jarring. With nary a chorus to be heard, it's a wonder how catchy these songs are and how they leave an indelible mark in your cranium after just a few listens, but that's yet another strength this Seattle-based unit possess. Find out for yourself what all the fuss is about if the current wave of screamo, emo, and stuff headed for the ump-teen Warped Tour stages has left you flat as of late, as Gatsbys American Dream's eponymous transcends the current movement as does so with a message to boot.
- Mike SOS