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Iscariot is a hulking metal quintet whose 10-track jaunt through the metal realm reaps a dastardly concoction of chugging riffs, frantic fretboard runs, and enough tortured screams and demonic growls to last until next Halloween. While chances are that you've heard all of this before if you dig heavy stuff, these cats play with a relentless intensity and a sonic viciousness that grabs you by the jugular and doesn't let go on cuts like "Reinventing the Ghost" and "Our Lifeless Design". Ferocious as a death metal act with enough Swedish melodicism mixed in to draw comparisons to any metalcore band you can think of, songs like "Hollowed Eyes" explode with pummeling drums, brutal riffs, and a volatile composition that sets these guys apart from the pack. If you want raw, uncompromising savagery a la Full Blown Chaos, The Red Chord, and Darkest Hour, look no further than Iscariot to feed the need.
- Mike SOS