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On Swedish unit Tenebre's 10-track endeavor, this veteran act's knack for creating credibly creepy atmosphere while setting the dance floor ablaze like The Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus shines through HEART'S BLOOD. With their blend of sullenly driven keyboard-laden gothic metal, engaging intros like "Silver Flame" showcase this act's immense dramatic flare, while cuts like the Cult-esque rocker "Nightmare" demonstrates the band at its most raw and stripped down and "Black Void Nirvana" finds the group at its most melancholic and introspective. Eerie vocals, cool live drumming (a virtual rarity in this genre), and the kind of block-rocking beats that anyone whose ever heard Evanescence or Type O Negative can get into, even those who hold memories of the past close to heart will dig on this disc for its authentic vibe. Hell, HEART'S BLOOD might even encourage you to break out the PVC pants and black everything else for another spin.
- Mike SOS