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Rory Gallagher is far from a household name in today's music scope, but if you asked Clapton, Page, Slash, or countless other famous players through the years, this Irish blues manís name and legacy are unsurpassed. Taking performances from Gallagher's five appearances at the renowned Montreuz festival, this 12-track disc emanates the style, grace, and passion of a man who died before his time (at age 47 due to liver transplant complications) but left behind a wealth of his great rock and blues recordings such as this. Famous for his marathon concerts and soulful playing, tracks like "Tore Down" and "Last of the Independents" exemplify Gallagher's love of the blues and his musical exuberance, while "Philby" captures the man in his later years still going the extra mile. If you're looking for a musical history lesson about one of the unsung greats, LIVE AT MONTREUX does a fine job in illuminating Rory Gallagher's musical depth.
- Mike SOS