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Bay Area pop punk act Set Your Goals have released their long awaited full-length disc MUTINY!, a sugary, spirited endeavor bursting with contagious melodies. Fusing the wares of Bouncing Souls, New Found Glory, H2O, and Taking Back Sunday, this sextet's dual vocal attack, bouncy punk rock outpouring, and seemingly endless levels of energy never let up through the duration of the 11-track affair, notably on the cleverly titled and utterly frantic "This Song is Definitely NOT About a Girl". "Echoes" and "Flight of the Navigator" find the unit crashing the gates of the mundane with soaring vocals, meaty riffs, and the right dash of pop sensibility that can easily overtake Good Charlotte and Simple Plan for teen rock band of the year. While the band's style manages cramps its substance somewhat, their infectious enthusiasm and pseudo-hardcore swagger make cuts like "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and "This Very Moment" can be the deal breakers for those unsure whether these guys make it or get cast aside. Harder than the usual suspects yet still packed with those singalongs to get the kids to the Warped Tour, MUTINY! could be the breakthrough for this group.
- Mike SOS