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The term legendary gets tossed around way too easily these days, but Suffocation is a band who unequivocally deserves the moniker. This NYC quintet single-handedly paved the way for modern day death metal as we know it, fusing unmatched brutality with painstaking precision way back in the ea, sounding like no other band. Now back in the full swing of things after reforming in 2004, and having been duplicated many times over the outfit's 11-track eponymous offering displays the excruciatingly punishing devastation that one would expect from these genre masters. From the frantic beats of "The End of Ends", the manic low end rumbling of "Prelude to Repulsion", and the guttural growling vocals that relentlessly rip through your speakers throughout the course of the album, Suffocation has finally, after 17 years of toil and turmoil, replicated the panic and terror of their live shows on disc with an album laden with the proper volatility, velocity, and ferocity. Young bucks take note; the masters have reclaimed their crowns.
- Mike SOS