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Putting substance way ahead of style is a rarity in the pretentious NYC rock scene, yet the quintet Generals and Majors do their part to turn this trend around. Armed with a '70s rock shimmy and tricks straight out of the Phil Lynott handbook of how to be a cool rocker, tracks like "I Don't Care" and "Every Night's a Bust in NYC" reveal the underground's scruffy underbelly by unleashing a raw rock boogie best accompanied with a busty babe and a muscle car. Displaying a love for The Rolling Stones, MC5, T. Rex, and an era when rock music was truly raucous and rebellious, this eponymous disc convincingly runs its fingers right over the pulse of rock 'n roll. Bringing the heartfelt heartbreak beats of yesteryear, Generals and Majors are resurrecting the glam rock glories and four on the floor stompings of when NYC was the rock music tastemaker.
- Mike SOS