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Slutty rock 'n roll comes courtesy of Hot One, a band featuring ex-members of Shudder to Think and Guided By Voices amongst others whose 11-track endeavor has no shortage of sexually-charged, hand-clapped dance rock galore. Bringing the dirty to jangly ditties like "Get Your Priest On!", "Sexy Soldier", and the straightforward "Fuckin'", Hot One resides in a temple where Prince and U2 peacefully coexist. Silky sweet vocals a la Eagles of Death Metal meet schlock cock rock riffs and cowbells while stripped down melodies are given an indie rock colonic before tossing them in the gutter where lyrics to sultry numbers like "Pistol-Whip Me" come from. Imagine if a less double-entendre driven AC/DC made it with a more sensual version of Weezer for an idea of what smarmy arena rock like "Daddy Was a Pilot" sounds like. Yes, this is music to have a torrid affair to, as this 11-track disc will get you drunk, bang you hard, and lose your number. But, they'll leave you with great memories and some pretty damn catchy rock songs in the process.
- Mike SOS