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As spacious as a brutal metal band gets without going completely Opeth, Ohio-vania (their term not mine) quintet From a Second Story Window display equal amounts of groove, grind, and gloom on the 10-track DELENDA to warrant repeated listens to dissect it all and let it all sink in. And even then, there's bound to be things you missed or skipped over, like the out of place piano-led pop punk ballad "Ghosts Over Japan" or some cool riff change throughout melees like "Dark Waters of Thought" or the Dillinger Escape Plan meets Between the Buried and Me choppiness of "A Piece of History Written in English". Regardless, FASSW is versatile, punishing, and above all, a bit too creative for those with attention span issues. But, for the adventurous crowd that enjoys a righteous mixed bag 'o underground metal at its most frantic, DELENDA is a good pickup.
- Mike SOS