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Most bands this dastardly and dark wouldn't opt to run with huge choruses like the one found on "Battlespawn", yet Swedish supergroup Torchbearer twists the Gothenburg sound to cater to today's metal realm quite well on WARNAMENTS. Featuring members of Scar Symmetry, Satariel, and Angel Blake, this band comprised of volatile metal vets crash the party with excessive force. Meshing the type of hooks that wouldn't sound out of place coming from Soilwork with a crusty crunch that evokes Testament, Hypocrisy, and Entombed, cuts like "Where Night is Total" and "Dark Clouds Gathering" are prime examples of how a band can successfully blur the lines between thrash, death and black metal while keeping the melody intact. By digging its nails way past the surface, Torchbearer conjures up a concoction that fans of Children of Bodom and Animosity will undoubtedly go ape over.
- Mike SOS