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Seemless continues its quest to bring back ballsy no frills hard rock to the forefront with WHAT HAVE WE BECOME, a raucous 10-track collection of barroom anthems and horn-handed ditties guaranteed to light a fire under your ass. Armed with vocalist Jesse Leach's monstrous pipes, a collective love of stoner rock gods Kyuss, and some of the best fuzzed-out riffs and percussive wizardry this side of Fu Manchu, tracks like the infectious "Jaded" and the ready for radio "Numb" (just check out the rattlesnake on this one) relentlessly rip through your speakers broadcasting an arena rock aura, while "The Deep Below" demonstrates the quartet's ability to kick out the jam and let it ride '70s style. While some may claim this Massachusetts band's meat and potato rock as merely a poor man's Soundgarden, tracks like "Maintain" tend to stray more towards the stoner grooves of Down and COC with a little more hip-shaking swagger added in, while the sludgy sojourn "Cast No Shadow" takes you on has more in common with Alice in Chains and Queens of the Stone Age. Regardless, these guys are doing their part to keep the highway to the superunknown relatively free of modern-day metallic clunk and clutter.
- Mike SOS