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Yee-haw! Have you heard the soul shaking blues-rock of The Legendary Shack Shakers? Well, what are you waiting for, as this Nashville based bluegrass band of hillbillies have enough boom and sass to make you shake your ass all night long. Drawing from the basics of the Mississippi blues, honky tonk country, and the classic days of rock 'n' roll, this eclectic group is only as dysfunctional as the music which they've concocted, which can be likened to a triple shot of Moonshine with an amphetamine chaser. This outfit surely has the devil in its soul, and the exorcism comes through the 12-track collection of catcalls, washboards, and two stepping. TLSS has an unquenchable fire inside that mixes its love for down home music with a surge of adrenaline that encompasses the rock 'n' roll attitude and fries it up for one tasty Southern fricassee.
- Mike SOS