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Canadian quintet Protest the Hero put forth a monstrously ambitious offering by releasing the glistening 10-track affair KEZIA. Demonstrating this youthful crew’s immense talents and crossover appeal, if you’ve ever wondered what the bastard child of Nevermore and Coheed and Cambria would sound like, here’s the proof. Cascading vocal melodies, massively metallic guitars, furious flurries of rhythmic bliss, and highly proficient technical prowess propel tracks like “Heretics and Killers”, “No Stars Over Bethlehem” and “Nautical” to heights usually reserved for the masters of art rock, while you’d be hard pressed to find a more rocking prog punk track than “The Divine Suicide of K.” anywhere out there. Oh yeah, KEZIA is also a concept album of sorts, taking perspectives of three character’s point of view regarding the execution of lead Kezia, but this only adds to the mystique of this startling outfit’s rock opera for the 21st Century and beyond. Making the kind of music that hardened musicians, hard to please rock fans, and moshpit dudes alike can find solace in, expect to hear a whole lot more from Protest the Hero and their brand of adroit underground metal.
- Mike SOS