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Boldly flying the flag passed on from Pantera, Virginia’s Lamb of God makes a triumphant return to the metal world with SACRAMENT. And while naysayers and backbiters may cry “sellout” due to the quintet signing to a major label, fear not all you paranoid metalheads: there’s no sign of letup across these 11 tracks, as the kick your head in opener “Walk With Me in Hell” aptly suggests from the get-go. Displaying technical metal wares draped in the Confederate flag while armed with the most bile-laced apocalyptic lyrics currently heard, Lamb of God has truly hit its stride on their fourth installment of skull crushing metal, as tracks like the infectious yet smoldering “Redneck”, the rapid-fire thrash stomp on “Beating on Death’s Door”, and the prototypical bleak metal anthem “Blacken the Cursed Sun” demonstrate the band’s ability to fuse Megadeth, Pantera, and Testament while implementing its own modern chops, depraved southern charm, and metallic firepower within the chaos. SACRAMENT is a killer metal album from head to toe, and should wind up on many a top ten list at the year’s end.
- Mike SOS