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Norwegian black metal messiahs Gorgoroth’s latest blistering endeavor contains all of the evil you could possibly summon within an eight-song offering, as the crushing AD MAJOREM SATHANAS GLORIAM unquestionably delves into the dark reaches of the soul. Notorious for their lawlessness as much as their musical prowess, this quartet’s hate-filled mantras and high profile criminal acts may have gotten all of the press as of late, but that should change after a listen of this demonic collection. Having been captured with all of their bile intact, the hellacious opener “Wound Open” sets the menacing tone for which AD MAJOREM SATHANAS GLORIAM succinctly runs through for the remaining 30 minutes of nihilistically charged blast-beat mania found on “Carving a Giant” and the riff-tastic yet foreboding “Prosperity and Beauty”. Perfect as a soundtrack for any Halloween gathering, Gorgoroth walk the walk, talk the talk, and deliver a standout black metal album that evokes fear in the hearts of the unknowing.
- Mike SOS