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Decimated by the tragic loss of founding guitarist Piggy, Voivod's latest offering comes with an immediate sadness. This loss to the metal world is immeasurable, as Piggy's technique and style is unique and has influenced and been lauded by metal's elite players from Metallica on down. Before his untimely demise, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Piggy tracked parts (and apparently more for more albums to follow) and left them on his computer for the band to work with. The first result is the 10-track KATORZ, an album that finds slamming grooves and punk-y metallic nuances to be prevalent here, which are unusual traits to find on a Voivod release. Yet, the band's trademark unorthodox style and the proto-metal edginess somehow rears its head throughout the direct rock of "The Getaway" and "No Angels" long enough to brand it quintessential Voivod. And the rest of the band outdo themselves and pay homage to their comrade in grand style, as Jason Newsted, Away, and Snake stepped up to craft a masterful array of musical hues to Piggy's colorful fretwork, complete with piledriving grooves like "After All", fist-pumping dynamics found on "The X-Stream", and the archetypical Voivod treatment given to tracks like "Red My Mind". GATORZ is another shining moment to add to this group's undeniable legacy, truly giving Piggy the posthumous tribute he richly deserves.
- Mike SOS