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Prepare for a sonically twisted experience courtesy of the crazy Canucks from Unexpect. Challenging, explosive, operatic, and dangerous (and that's just track one), this seven-piece collective pull off the unthinkable task of comprising a Broadway show on massive amounts of narcotics that is not only cohesive, but jawdroppingly amazing. Taking parts from Cradle of Filth, the circus, and System of a Down, setting on stun and letting the action unfold, IN A FLESH AQUARIUM is a dazzling, defiant, and befuddling tapestry of tunes that you need to hear again and again to both understand fully and believe that there is a band capable of creating this kind of aural insanity. To call them avant-garde is an insult, as this disc is something every high and mighty music fan needs to hear, as it not only breaks the rules, but redefines them as well.
- Mike SOS