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Heavy and dreamy rock music comes courtesy of Jucifer, a nomadic two-piece act that once called Athens, GA home. Now residing in a Winnebago and taking their doomy chanteuse sideshow act on the road in support of IF THINE ENEMY HUNGER, this dynamic duo round up the entire Am Rep back catalog and throw a alternative metal spin on it that sounds like Courtney Love fronting Sleep. Containing 15 tracks that run from bleak dirges like “Centralia”, unrelenting grrrl rock such as “Hennin Hardine”, angst-ridden simplicity in “Pontius of Palia”, and puffy clouded grunge like “The Plastic Museum”, there’s no way to categorize Jucifer except by stating the obvious. This unit is edgy, jadedly angelic, and above all, lays down a captivating listening experience to anyone that yearns for a collision of styles from everything from Mazzy Star to Queens of the Stone Age to Melvins.
- Mike SOS