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Even though a lot of electronica sounds like it was produced straight out of some lonely soul's basement, The Geminus Sect seem to have been able to peak its head out of the window long enough to emit other influences besides suicide, its own warped delusions and mopey, woe is me Goth rock. This duo's 12-track offering contains an industrial edge with beefy guitars and garden-variety vocals that linger between RevCo and Filter. While GEMINATION contains some sounds that would best be introduced by the Mike Meyer's Sprockets character, on a whole, the disc is dually danceable and heavy. Taking the harder side of the Goth/industrial scene and mixing in some metallic influence a la KMFDM and Rammstein, The Geminus Sect's release illicits as much fun as you can have without the latex pants and matching jacket.
- Mike SOS