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Wisconsin-based Rojo Diablo’s DEVIL RED has a real fertile underground rock vibe creeping inside the 13-track collection. While much of the disc plods along with a burdensome (hopefully intended) doominess like a less-metallic Godsmack, when the band decides to kick up some dust and rock out, songs like “The Hard One” and “Jerrado” never quite hit the peaks that they should. Maybe the band needs some more time to mature, as their chops are pretty solid, displaying a Motorhead meets Badlands aura, and the vocals, while far from outstanding, provide the proper snarl necessary for this style. However, there’s a tightness missing from this mix that could truly elevate this outfit to the next level Rojo Diablo pulls off the basic stoner rock done with a lot of heart but ultimately falls a bit short.
- Mike SOS