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Interview with Dixie Dave Collins From Weedeater
By: By Mike SOS

When speaking to Weedeater’s accident-prone bassist/vocalist Dixie Dave Collins just after waking him up from a much needed tour bus nap, we spoke briefly about how he got his nickname, the band’s medical black cloud that seemingly follows them everywhere

Talk about the process of making JASON THE DRAGON.

We had the idea of a concept piece that all the tracks bleed together for some time. It was important to have the sequencing correct so that it sounds like one continuous song. We made sure it didn’t sound like a bunch of songs thrown together so we worked with that in mind. We’re really happy with the way it came out.

How did you get the nickname Dixie?

Years and years ago touring with Buzzoven on the East Coast, we were at CBGB’s at the time, and the promoter by the name of Tyler made a comment because of my accent and my voice, “look at Dixie over here”, and of course, it stuck and people call me that since then.

Do you dig it or does it piss you off?

Nah, I’m fine with it, it doesn’t matter. It’s a good name to have when you’re riding around the country tearing shit up.

Weedeater has undergone some medical adversity recently…

Yeah, we were supposed to go to the studio but then I shot my toe off. That was a setback, then Keko had to go and get surgery on his knee, another setback and then Shep broke his hand………but we got in there in one piece, actually three pieces.

How’s the tour been thus far?

So far? Great. The dates have been close to sell-outs and we’ve moved a ton of merch so it’s been great. Between doing shows with Buzzoven in Europe and Weedeater, I’ve only been a few days off the road.

Do you ever miss home when you’re on the road?

I do. I miss my two-year old daughter and I miss the weather and beach and the warmth where I live in North Carolina. It’s beautiful there right now.

What are some of musical and lyrical inspirations, specifically for this project?

We tend to make them happen as we go along. A lot of the lyrics stem from being on the road so often and having all the crazy experiences we share and what not.

What would make 2011 a success for you?

We hope that people enjoy the new record. This release is different for us but it’s still distinctly Weedeater. We always done it for ourselves, so if they like it, great. Otherwise we’ll continue to do it for ourselves.

Be sure to check out JASON THE DRAGON on Southern Lord Records and visit Weedeater online at www.myspace.com/weedeater