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Interview with Dogs of Winter
By: Mike SOS

NYC trio Dogs of Winter are a smarmy yet lovable bunch of hard rockers as you’re about to find out. Here are the results of an email Q&A that two-thirds of the unit took the time to answer regarding their new disc FROM SOIL TO SHALE and about being a NYC

How did you come up with the band name? Dave Valle: It wasn't my idea. Brian Grosz: No, it was my idea. I wanted to be sure that I would spend the rest of the band's career correcting people who pronounce the word "Winter" as "War." Who knew there were so many people who have read Julius Caeser?

Describe your music to someone who never heard you before? BG: I describe to it as "stoner-metal for math-geeks." DV: Who hasn't heard of us? BG: Good point. Go with that answer. Next question, please.

How does FSTS compare to your prior releases? DV: The title is different and my bass drum is bigger. BG: It's also 9 minutes and 18 seconds longer, which is the equivalent of endowing it with a penis long enough to snake a toilet. Plus, we make way more nerdy sci-fi references this time around.

How does a DOW song get written? DV: I look at the boys right between the eyes and tell them to "just fucking listen to me". Hits Galore. BG: And then Ryan and I finish the song on our own and secretly devise a way to convince Dave that there have been other - and better - albums since AC/DC's "Back In Black."

Do you prefer stage or studio and why? DV: Stage; I like to wow everyone with my "mad skillz." BG: I prefer the studio. There's a much smaller chance that you'll get arrested in the studio if you decide to get naked and nudity is the key element to my guitar tone.

What can we expect from a DOW show? DV: Blood, sweat, tears and hopefully an empty wallet. BG: And please keep in mind that those are tears of joy and spiritual enlightenment. Those are not "Leaving-Las-Vegas-Crying-Hooker-In-The-Shower" tears.

What sets DOW apart from other bands? BG: Our impeccable dental hygiene and unhealthy obsession with the work of Harold Ramis. DV: There are no other bands. BG: Nevermind. Dave is right again. Go with that answer. Next question...

When I'm not in DOW, I'm ? DV: Fondling myself in the mirror while wearing my combover wig. BG: In the Wendy Williams Experience live, studio audience. HowYOODoin?

What's some of the advantages and drawbacks of being a NYC band? DV: Pro- cheaper studio rent…con- the drive in from Westchester. BG: Advantage: You live in the greatest city in the world. Drawback: NYC bands.

What's your favorite summertime song? DV: "Summer Girls" by LFO. BG: Anything by Bone Thugz 'N' Harmony.

What would make 2009 a banner year for DOW? DV: To get a huge following. BG: Getting Dave's name deleted from the Sex Offenders database... and getting mine added.

Any final words? DV: Niente. BG: Omega.

The debut LP "From Soil To Shale" available now for FREE DOWNLOAD at www.lapdanceacademy.com/soil Check them out here:

DOGS OF WINTER www.dogsofwinter.com www.myspace.com/dogsofwinter www.twitter.com/dogsofwinter