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Interview with The Cursed
By: Mike SOS

When corresponding with guitarist Dan Lorenzo via email, we learned about the origins of this side project and his expectations for The Cursed and their new disc ROOM FULL OF SINNERS.

How did The Cursed form?
Dan Lorenzo: Well..Blitz and I always got along. In 1993 when (drummer) Mike Cristi and I were in Non-Fiction, Overkill brought us out as openers in America and Europe. In 2004 I released my first solo CD and Blitz dug it. He told me he would sing back up vocals on my next one. He was supposed to sing on "Bright Light Fright" by Aerosmith but when he got to the studio he told me he wasn't familiar with that song so I had him sing on one of my originals "Too Fast For Hate", which ended up on my 2nd solo CD. After that, I asked him to sing on my third solo CD but the timing wasn't right. Then one day Blitz emailed me on a Monday morning. "We're leaving for Europe Thursday...Tim (current Overkill drummer at the time) can't do the tour...who was that guy Ron you were telling me about?" Four days later, my buddy Ron Lipnicki who had played on the last Hades CD (DAMNATION on Metal Blade Records) and my three solo cds was touring Europe with Overkill after only one audition. Now Blitz owed me one! So...I mailed Bobby some of my newest song ideas, just the music, and he came up with killer melodies and lyrics.

Where did the album title originate from?
ROOM FULL OF SINNERS is a line from our song "Evil In The Bag".

Describe the recording process of the new album.
The usualůMike Cristi recorded his drums while the rest of us played. Then we do overdubs.

What's the toughest part of being in 2 bands?
Time...never enough.

How would you describe The Cursed to someone that never heard you before?
A lot of people would say stoner rock...to me that's funny because neither Blitz nor I smoke weed. Mike and Job smoke enough for all of us! I think our music is slow, heavy and sexy.

How does The Cursed write songs?
Well, sometimes I mail the music to Blitz but sometimes we came up with stuff just by jamming.

How has living in New Jersey shaped your music?
I'm not sure. Our music may sound angry but we're actually pretty happy people. I write and play guitar most often when it is cold out, so I do most of my writing in the freezing NJ winters.

What's the best advice you ever got?
My dad taught me not to put yourself in a position where you can do things you would regret.

What can we expect from a live show from The Cursed?
Fun. It feels like sex!

Being veterans of the music scene, how do you feel about downloading, the web, and other alternative methods of getting your music out?
It makes me miss the old days. The web is great, but in a certain sense it's not "real".

What's the status of all the member's other musical projects?
Well the new Overkill CD is out October 9th so they will be touring a lot. As for me, I'll wait until December to record more solo stuff. Mike is working on his own project called Nolenz Volenz. Job is looking for a record deal for the new Murder 1 disc.

What are the plans for The Cursed now? Shows, more recording?
I wish I knew! We shall see.

Any final words for the readers?
If you want us to do another CD you have to go buy this one! Check out http://www.the-cursed.net, and thanks for your interest!