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Interview with Zonaria
By: Mike SOS

Simon Berglund (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars) took the time out to answer this email interview to shed some light on what to expect from his outfit Zonaria and their debut release INFAMY AND THE BREED.

How did you come up with the band name?
We didnít want an English name or something too long so we looked it up and found this one. It essentially means Ďwastelandí and is taken from Greek mythology. The meaning behind the word reveals a great deal about the lyrics in our songs and the general tone in our music.

How would you describe Zonaria to someone that never heard you before?
Atmospheric, heavy melodic death metal with an intensity and power thatís both unrelenting and mind-blowing. These are some of the words that reviewers and journalists a have described our music. It is hard to describe the music you write, but we feel as though writers have been dead on with their observations.

How does a Zonaria song get written?
I sit down by the PC with my guitar and program the material I come up with in Guitar Pro. I do a rough sketch and then I show it to the boys in practice. It moves pretty quickly, but I donít listen to much other music than what I am working on during the creative process. I try to get into the mode of Zonaria as much as possible.

What can we expect from a live performance from Zonaria?
A lot of intensity and sweat, as well as a very visual performance. Anything that you can expect from a professional band that loves their music we try to also bring alive.

What sets Zonaria apart from other bands?
We never give up, never give in. We practice almost every day and we take the time to perfect our sound Zonaria is a brotherhood, we know each other more than well and we all want to do this all the way. We love what we do and we try to get others into what we are doing.

When I'm not in Zonaria, I'm?
Working, sleeping and pimping.

Do you prefer the studio or the stage and why?
I love the studio but i'm gonna go with the stage in any case. The intensity on stage along with the great response from the crowd is something out of this world really. The studio also has its pluses and we have a great deal of fun in the studio, especially this time around with Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry).

Who are some of your influences? Any we'd be surprised by?
Scandinavian death and black metal, and old American thrash. Specific bands include Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy and Scar Symmetry. We think that we tend to sound ourselves and we try our best to not copy anyone, and yet at the same time, play the music we love.

How has being from Sweden influenced your music?
Here in Sweden we have a lot of great big bands that always have been an influence to me. It's not hard to find people who want to join your band and work their way up to the big scene. There's a lot of musical resources in Sweden, even up north where I live. It is really a great country with a good support network for musicians.

What does the rest of 2007 hold for Zonaria?
We have a tour with Pain in October that is going to be awesome. We also plan to tour more following this release and we are working on confirming some stuff for next year. In our downtime we will also write some more material for our second record. A lot of the excitement about hitting the road with Pain has inspired me to write a lot, so we will see where things go following the Pain tour. We hope to make it to the states some day also, to kick some ass in America!