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Interview with Hot Cross
By: Mike SOS

Billy Werner, the vocalist from Hot Cross, answered these questions via email about his band, the recording process of their new disc from Equal Vision RISK REVIVAL, and what he expects from the year 2007.

How did you form and come up with your name?

We all played in previous bands together and decided to start a new band that was not going to be a full time endeavor. Now look what happened. The name was chosen by Greg (drums) and Matt (bass) who are pastry fans.

How would you describe Hot Cross to someone that never heard you before?

A cornucopia of rock licks, hardcore rage, emotional revery and smelly feet.

Who would you cite as influences on your sound and style?

90's music of all types. We were children of the 90's.

Tell us about the recording of RISK REVIVAL, the atmosphere, the studio, the overall vibe.

We worked with our old guitar player Josh, so we had a lot of time to try new things and mess around with the songs. It was really comfortable and he wasn't shy about making suggestions and offering input. It was a great experience.

What are some of the obstacles and advantages you've discovered by signing to an indie as compared to a DIY approach?

There haven't been any obstacles at all! The records are widely available and the label treats us well. Thankfully, we have no complaints at all.

What's your favorite song from RISK REVIVAL?

One that took the longest to record? One you were most surprised with the outcome?

"Exits and Trails" is actually the answer to all of those. That song was originally like 5 minutes long. We edited it down to what it is now and it's easily my favorite song on the record. I think it's the best introduction to what we are doing now.

What CDs are you currently listening to?

The new Arcade FIre. The Earthless LP. The Omar Rodriguez Lopez/Damo Suzuki collaboration. The last OM record. The Ceremony 12"

When I'm not in Hot Cross, I'm...?

Burning this racist system down.

What are you looking forward to most in 2007 for Hot Cross?

A lot of touring and getting a new van.

What was the best advice you ever received?

Do now, think later.

Any final remarks?


Scoot on down to www.equalvision.com for more info.