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Interview with Unsane
By: Mike SOS

When corresponding with Unsane's Chris Spencer, we spoke about his deep-ceded NYC roots, the trio's blistering new album VISQUEEN, and just how this groundbreaking act wound up on a roster which boasts the likes of Tomahawk, Isis, and Melvins.

How did you get the title VISQUEEN for the new album?

VISQUEEN is the type of sheet plastic used to wrap up the body on the front cover of the CD.

How did the recording process measure up to previous Unsane albums?

Recording VISQUEEN was extremely fun. We were able to work with a very talented friend named Andrew Schneider who runs a studio just over the Manhattan Bridge from my apartment. We were able to relax and take our time to get everything right.

Would Unsane have reformed if you guys had all moved to California or is Unsane a NYC thing?

Unsane is definitely a New York band. I don't really think that our sound is viable from anywhere else. We use a lot of sounds from the city in what we do, and get a lot of our inspiration from our surroundings.

How has the personal and musical adversity you've experienced influenced your music? Completely. A lot of what we do is about catharcism, and represents a certain amount of relief from the adversity and stupidity we have to live through on a daily basis.

Do you genrerally prefer gigging or recording and why?

We love playing live, but also really enjoy the creativity of writing and recording.

What sets Unsane apart from other bands? Listen to the disc, and I think you'll get it.

Are any of the other musical projects you've been involved in still active or is Unsane the main priority right now?

Unsane is definitely the main priority. We are also looking into starting a label in the near future if we can find bands that we could stand behind.

Who does Unsane get compared to that you agree and/or disagree with?

We are a very original sounding band, and I have yet to hear of us compared with anyone that makes any sense to me.

What CDs/bands are you currently digging? "A Senile Animal" by Melvins.

How would you describe Unsane to someone that never heard you before?

Violent aggressive noise rock.

Tell us how you and Ipecac hooked up. We played a festival in Belgium called the Dour Festival and Fantomas was also playing on another stage. We were hanging out with Buzz and Mike and Mike offered to put something out for us. It seemed like a perfect match, and our contract with Relapse was just ending so we went for it.

What bands would you like to play with that you haven't yet?

Melvins and Torche.

What does the closing of CBGB's mean to you? The end of a great era.

When I'm not in Unsane, I'm....?

Working on restoring a 1969 GTO.

What was the best advice you've ever received and who did it come from?

"Kick heroin and get your shit together" in 1994 from our drummer Vincent Signorelli.

What would make 2007 the best year ever for Unsane?

Tour constantly, write a new CD, and start a label.

Any final words.

Embrace noise.

For more info, hit up www.ipecac.com.