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Interview with Since The Flood
By: Mike SOS

When touching base with Chuck Bouley, vocalist of Metal Blade's Since The Flood via email, we learned about the band's relentless work ethic, the inner-workings of their latest release NO COMPROMISE, and what he thinks sets his band, who can count Trevor

Give us a little background about when you guys formed and how you got the band name.

We started out in early 2002 with a completely different lineup than we have now. Dave and I are actually the only remaining "original " members. Our sound didn't actually come together until Luke and Rob joined the band later that same year. Dave actually came up with the name. He had read a letter to a soldier in the Civil War and the first line of the letter read "since the flood". We all agreed that it sounded cool and ran with it.

How would you best describe your band's sound? I guess I'd describe us as heavy, fast-paced, pissed off hardcore.

How has your upbringing influenced your music? I've seen struggle my whole life. I come from a low income split family. That is what shaped me and without a doubt my lyrics.

What was the easiest thing about recording the new disc? The hardest?

I think the easiest thing was writing it. We toured for so long on our first album VALOR AND VENGEANCE so we were all so excited to write some new stuff. The actual recording was probably the hardest thing since it had been so long since we had been in the studio, and we were also very critical once we got in there because we wanted this album to stand out.

What is the one factor which sets your band apart from other bands?

We have a very good work ethic. In the early years of the band we took any show we could get anywhere. And to this day when we play, no matter if there is 15 people there or 1,000, we play our hardest!

How does your band's generally write songs (process by committee, one member shows the rest, etc.)?

We all write together. Someone may bring a riff or an idea, but it is always a group effort.

What has been your best musical experience so far? Worst? One you've learned the most from? Without a doubt our best was the European tour we did with Madball and Sworn Enemy last year. I learned a lot watching these experienced bands operate and how they would engage the crowd. It was really an amazing experience! The worst would be having a tour that we were on just fall apart. We have been thousands of miles from home and had to just turn around because of poor booking, which is definitely a learning experience.

Where do you feel your band fits in with the current musical climate?

I think that with Ozzfest and Sounds of the Underground bringing more metal and hardcore music to the forefront, bands like us have a much greater chance to reach a wider audience. Our style of music is becoming more of the norm.

Do you prefer the recording studio or the stage and why?

I've always loved playing live. There is nothing like the energy in the air at a good show.

When I'm not in the band, I'm...? Working, I'm a carpenter by trade and unfortunately the band doesn't pay the bills.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten and by who?

It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do. I can't remember who told me that, maybe I was probably doing something I regret?

What would make 2007 the best year ever for you? To tour with Slayer.

Any final remarks?

Thanks for your time.

Check out Since the Flood online at www.myspace.com/sincetheflood.