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Guns Up! play the kind of hardcore that cries East Coast stomp, as this Boston-based quintet’s 11-track offering OUTLIVE showcases a band reared on the wares of Madball, 25 Ta Life, and fellow statesmen Blood for Blood. This outfit’s declaration of imminence spills across cuts like “Spitting Words”, whose archetypical NYHC-inspired intro goes as old school as possible, and the Leeway-esque crossover slam of “Life’s Ill” with an unabashed conviction that only true students of the game seem to be able to pull off. “Won’t Change For Me” encompasses the best Guns Up! has to offer, exhibiting the necessary tough guy hardcore ferocity in a relentless 1:33 barrage sans any excess. If you like it subtle, simple, and scorching, OUTLIVE is the disc you need to buy.
- Mike SOS